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Toronto, On the Slow

Whew, we’re back! It seriously took us the whole week to adjust – that toddler jet lag is a mean old beast. But! The drizzly muck of winter lifted while we were away and it’s been fresh and sunny here in Bonn, everyone’s a bikin’ and the fuzzy magnolia buds are unfurling! Plus, Achim seized his […]

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A Sweet Valentine’s Day Activity

Hey Guys! So, how are you with Valentine’s Day? Such a divisive one, ol’ V day! Thankfully, my good mom always made a thing of it with us at home (she still sends us cards and treats!), and it seems to have blessedly stuck as a nice time to celebrate love of all kinds, without much romantic pressure. I’ll maybe make some heart-shaped pancakes […]

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On Happiness: Savoring the Moment

Hey guys! So… surprise! This is not a post about goal-setting. Here is the thing about goals: They don’t always proceed as expected. One needs contingency plans! What-if, if-then plans. For those times when, oh, you maybe get the flu when you were already not quite exactly on track. Sigh. It’s a work in progress. But let’s […]

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