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But what if I fail?

Today I’ve got a tidbit of sweet, serendipitous inspiration for you that’s been on my mind! Last week I stumbled upon Smart Creative Women – a podcast founded and hosted by artist/creativity coach Monica Lee featuring women in the business of creativity. She interviews super cool women (and some men) doing exciting, creative stuff and […]

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The Best Pregnancy Book!

The other night I was out for dinner with a few friends, two of whom also happened to be pregnant and of course, as it goes, there was plenty of “what can I/can’t I eat?” talk. Is the egg on the bibimbap cooked through? No raw fish all round! Are you drinking coffee? Etc. There are about 10 million […]

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A Sweet Valentine’s Day Activity

Hey Guys! So, how are you with Valentine’s Day? Such a divisive one, ol’ V day! Thankfully, my good mom always made a thing of it with us at home (she still sends us cards and treats!), and it seems to have blessedly stuck as a nice time to celebrate love of all kinds, without much romantic pressure. I’ll maybe make some heart-shaped pancakes […]

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