Do Something Different

A delightful Thursday to you!

How do you like this week’s graphic? Achim wasn’t sure but I’m into it. But then, I also happen to be wearing aztec-print leggings with a red on pink striped skirt, a blue and white striped scarf and a t-shirt in a marvellously clashing shade of pink. I credit years of relating to Claudia Kishi as a kid. That girl had mad style!

I made the graphic with this sweet resource called Do Something Different in mind. Have you heard of it? It’s a series of gorgeously designed behaviour change programs based on the idea that in order to get something different – e.g., change how you feel, your habits, and really your life – you’ve gotta do something different.
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Toronto, On the Slow

Toronto Collage for web2Whew, we’re back! It seriously took us the whole week to adjust – that toddler jet lag is a mean old beast. But! The drizzly muck of winter lifted while we were away and it’s been fresh and sunny here in Bonn, everyone’s a bikin’ and the fuzzy magnolia buds are unfurling! Plus, Achim seized his chance, free from my trinket-hoarding grasp to rearrange and declutter so we walked into a more spacious, tidy and – I will begrudgingly admit – somewhat nicer space. It’s good to be home.

I’m still thinking about our trip. It did my heart so much good. Mostly, I just savoured the time with my family, but I’ve also totally been basking in the afterglow of that one week toddler-free in Toronto! I feel a little guilty saying it, but I had such a happy week! It wasn’t that I was so happy to be away from Joni. I missed him a lot. It was just delicious to have a week that was so… slow. It’s really got me thinking…

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What I wish I’d known about breastfeeding

boobs for webI wanna talk about something near and dear to my heart today! Literally. Boobs! Specifically, breastfeeding.

Note: This is not in any way about breast vs. formula – huge respect to every mama and papa, doing their best, doing what they’re doing. This is just about the experience of breastfeeding, for those that choose to/are able to take that route.

I did breastfeed, and in my experience, the early days of babe are fully Boobsville: The Muscial. An epic drama. Boobs become a major big deal. A source of pain and pride and nourishment and stress and generally constant concern. I thought about them so much, I started seeing boobs. Fruit. Jewellery. Light fixtures. Boobs, boobs, boobs.

It all worked out in the end, but in the beginning I found breastfeeding super duper challenging. Painful, emotional, exhausting, and really just so, so hard. My sister Johanna is having a similar experience at the moment. Luckily, things do seem to be on the up and up, but a week in, really she’s still in the throes of it. So it’s all boobs all the time, here! I did a little week-one new mom interview with her yesterday and we ended up talking about breastfeeding a lot. I’ve put together a few points that we think are really important for new moms looking to breastfeed. Honestly, these are the things I wish I’d known coming into the game.
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My Sister’s Baby

obi for web1
Oh, man. After 45 (!!!) hours of labour, my sister Johanna and her fella Tye welcomed the sweetest little fuzzy headed baby bear into the world! He is amazing. He was a week old yesterday and I’ve been here in Toronto soaking up new baby smell, visiting and helping out as best I can since Friday.

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The blue toque

skating for web no wordsMy mom in her 40-year-old figure skates, taking J on the ice for the first time.

Hello from sunny, bright, frozen Nova Scotia! I’ve got a story for you today. One of those deliciously nostalgic ones, if you’re into that. I happen to be a bit of a nostalgia junkie, myself.

the-blue-toqueMy little sister Steph came to visit this weekend, super gung-ho to take J skating for the first time. Which we did, and it was sweet and hilarious – something like an adorably drunken newborn deer – but that’s not what this story is about.
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We’re coming home!

theres a placeOn Monday I’ll be squeezing into some super hot compression stockings and J and I will hop on a plane bound for Canada! I can’t wait. It’s been 16 months – the longest I’ve ever been away from my home of homes. Sadly, we have to leave my dear fella behind, although I know he’s quietly breathing a sigh of relief that the apartment will stay non-destroyed for almost a month! First we’ll be visiting my parents and younger sibs in beautiful blue Nova Scotia, and then we’ll head to Toronto to meet my sister Johanna’s brand new baby. He was due yesterday but is so far still keeping cozy in the tum!
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Guess What?

preg pointing with HEART final

We’re having another baby!

And oh, you guys – I’m so excited. It feels really different this time around. J came about while we were both students keeping bizarre hours and subsisting on peanut-butter apples in a tiny little cooker of an attic apartment. We were very happy, but it was also so unknown and I was pretty caught up just trying to wrap my head around the whole thing. And I’m afraid I took for granted how easily I got (and stayed) pregnant. But now I know, a) how heart-explodingly awesome kids can be, and, b) how super fragile it all is…
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A Few Links On Love

heart rocks smallerFell asleep with my boy again, which makes my sleep all crazy – ah, in the name of love, I tell you! So here I am up (it’s 3am here!), floating around the internets, and I’ve stumbled on a few good love-related posts. Some Valentinesy, some not so much. I thought you might enjoy them!
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A Sweet Valentine’s Day Activity


Hey Guys!

So, how are you with Valentine’s Day? Such a divisive one, ol’ V day! Thankfully, my good mom always made a thing of it with us at home (she still sends us cards and treats!), and it seems to have blessedly stuck as a nice time to celebrate love of all kinds, without much romantic pressure. I’ll maybe make some heart-shaped pancakes for my guys, and we’ll spend the day as a family, easy peasy. It’s Karneval here (the Rhineland’s Mardi Gras) so we’ll be getting showered by gummy bears and paprika chips in an all-ages sea of wildly costumed Rhinelanders!

But after we tuck J in, Achim and I are going to snuggle up and do a sweet little exercise that I’ve been wanting to try for months! (No, no, nothing like that! Well – that’s not what I’m referring to anyway… 😉 ) I came across it in this book by Dr. Martin Seligman
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An Illustrated Goal Guide: The Action

Goal Guide Part B Final1 FOR WEBGoal-Guide-Part-B-Final2
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