The Motherhood Paradox

Ah, Mother’s Day. I’ve been trying for a few days to come up with a particularly poignant angle or topic to focus on but perhaps unsurprisingly, my mind just skips from one thing to the next… There’s just too much! Because that’s how it is, isn’t it? Motherhood is big. It’s all encompassing.

I’d hoped to work on this post last night after J went to bed, but apparently I need, like, 16 hours of sleep this pregnancy, and I fell asleep at 8:30pm. For reals. So as I write this, I’m sitting in the “passenger seat” of a couch cushion car, somehow having half-conversations with Jonah about wrapping paper tube stick shifts and how to prop up cushions so they stay put (plus coping with the dire emotional repercussions when they don’t!). I’m prompting him to eat his almonds between sips of smoothie. We’re in the process of potty training, so in the midst of this, I see that glazed-eye expression and try to intercept a poo (to no avail) and hold a brief but complex internal analysis of that whole situation and how to proceed, considering my most recent observations of Jonah’s emotional state and behaviour, our daily routines, and the desired timeline given the impending arrival of sweet baby girl, when shit gets really crazy (do mind the double entendre, there!).
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The 100 Day Project: Week 4

week-4-featured-image-Week 4 of the 100 Day Project! A whole month in and more than a quarter of the way through, now. I gotta say – this week was kinda tough! I found myself feeling a little antsy. One, Jonah and I were both sick. But also – my wandering mind is up to it’s old tricks! Nothing I didn’t expect – I’ve typically got a pretty remarkable aversion to the routine. Although I probably don’t live the wild, spontaneous existence one might expect from such a person, I generally feel almost itchy without a high level of novelty in my life! For me, that appetite for novelty takes the form of a quick succession of new creative projects… sew a dress, bind some books, refinish a shelf, paint a board book, frame some pictures, decorate easter eggs, do a screen print, upcycle a tshirt into some toddler harem pants… etc. But the project is making me use my craftycrafty time in a more consistent way. Darn it, it’s making me focus!
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Feeding Fussy Toddlers – A Printable!

Happy May Day! Today is a holiday in Germany, and here in the Rhineland that means May Trees! Last night all the young guys ran around hoisting and appending colourfully decorated birch trees onto the homes of their sweeties! It’s an old tradition, a big party and quite a charming sight in the morning. It’s one of those stand-out, appealingly foreign cultural quirks that reminds me I am somewhere new, and I love it.

This morning I’m enjoying some quiet time at home cleaning and prepping for Jonah’s third birthday this Sunday! Jonah (at his adamant request) is off at his Oma’s place helping to bake his “chocolate birthday cake with chocolate letters on it”! He literally woke me up all a chatter, stoked for his baking session.

And speaking of cake… ha! No, rather, speaking of most other food on the planet – how about feeding that toddler? Fun stuff, eh? I’ve got something cool for you today! My very first DOWNLOADABLE, PRINTABLE resource! It’s a set of 8 guidelines for feeding fussy toddlers. Aww, Yeah!  Here’s the story.
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The 100 Day Project: Week 3

100-Day-Project-week-3-coverWeek 3 – almost a quarter of the way through! I had a little fun trying out some different stuff this week – days 18 and 19 I particularly enjoyed. Notice that I got a new white gel pen? I love it! Ah, it’s the little things!
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But what if I fail?

what-if-i-fail-2-webToday I’ve got a tidbit of sweet, serendipitous inspiration for you that’s been on my mind!

Last week I stumbled upon Smart Creative Women – a podcast founded and hosted by artist/creativity coach Monica Lee featuring women in the business of creativity. She interviews super cool women (and some men) doing exciting, creative stuff and I find it pretty inspiring and quite practically helpful as well. So I’ve been enjoying that as I putter around many mornings, and today the best thing happened!
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The 100 Day Project: Week 2

100-Day-Project-For-WebWeek 2 of The 100 Day Project! Yeah! Somewhat successfully completed. Scroll on for images and captions! Plus a few thoughts, if you fancy that.

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The Best Pregnancy Book!

The other night I was out for dinner with a few friends, two of whom also happened to be pregnant and of course, as it goes, there was plenty of “what can I/can’t I eat?” talk.

Is the egg on the bibimbap cooked through? No raw fish all round! Are you drinking coffee? Etc. There are about 10 million scraps of conventional wisdom when it comes to what one should/should not consume/do etc. during pregnancy and for a lot of us, it’s stressful. Even if it doesn’t make you anxious, it is at the very least seriously inconvenient to try and accommodate all that. Whew.

But I have a secret weapon that has single handedly reduced my pregnancy anxiety by leaps and bounds. It is an AWESOME BOOK that Achim stumbled upon last year, and I can’t count the times I’ve referenced and recommended it since.
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The 100 Day Project: Week 1

100-Day-Project-Week-1_edited-1I’ve just finished the first week of my 100 day project! Scroll down to see my first seven pages. Continue Reading

Dressing to feel good

paperdoll-done-for-web2This is not a fashion post, exactly. Or a DIY post. But I am going to talk about clothes. And I am making myself a dress – I started it suddenly and without a pattern at about 10pm the night before last, but it seems to be miraculously working out! Rather, I wanna talk about feeling good in our clothes (and why I’m making the dress) plus a little psychology! All sparked by an Aha! moment that I had this week.

It starts with a pair of elephantine vintage mens overalls. If you are following my 100 Day Project, I’ve already mentioned my overall epiphany there. Here it is in a nutshell (or… can you only say that when the story is short?).
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The 100 Day Project

the100dayproject_elenastreehouseFirst and foremost – a very happy Easter to you that celebrate it! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. I love Easter – it’s such a perfect beginning. I just wanna shake off everything stale and grey and blah and wear pink and yellow and big skirts and try new things and sing and flutter and fly with the fresh breeze! Know what I mean? Lol. And so that is why I’m here, well, well after midnight, putting together this post. I’ve got new project to share! Continue Reading