Love Story: Page 2


Page 2

March 2000 – Oberdrees, Germany

I assumed that we would never meet. Another continent, with only a weak social tie; plus he was 5 years older than me, which might as well be a generation when you are 14. Still, I remembered him. It was something like a celebrity crush, where probability has no bearing on one’s imagination.

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Love Story: Page 1

Page 1

I hate to start on a sad note. I promise, most of this story is happy. But it’s a true story, and the thing about true stories is that they are sometimes sad.
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A Love Story in 30 Days

achim-and-elenaHello from the Netherlands! After all that baby hooplah, we’ve finally managed to squeeze in a little family time by the sea. It’s been really good. Well, okay it’s rained every day, but I gotta say – and hold on to your hat, because this is seriously sentimental – all that rain does help you appreciate the brief bits of sunshine.

I mean this in more ways that one. We really needed this vacation.

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Good Idea #1: Two tiny Konmari tidying tips

hey_good_idea_whiteAs a part of my blogging-made-manageable plan, I’m starting a kind of a series here today. Are you ready? The big-little idea is simply this: To chronicle sparkling ideas. Short posts with digestible fragments of fresh brilliance!

Here’s the thing – does this happen to you? – I often stumble upon a tiny brainchild, something someone says or I read or see, and something clicks – heyyy, yeah, wow – I’ve never thought of that – what a good idea! And for a few days it swirls around in there and maybe I implement it somehow once or twice or maybe I just make a mental note to be transformed by this magnificent tidbit but then… It falls out of my brain. Forever. Or until something happens to trigger the memory 14 months later and I’m like oh yeahhhh how could I have forgotten that??!! So, I’m going to air them out here. Like this:

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F-bombs and Affirmations

life-is-goodIt started with a broken dishwasher.

One week after Alida was born the little guy decided it’d had enough. One too many a poorly scraped dish or soggy jar label wreaking havoc on its miniature bits. Yes, we decided, if we had to replace it, perhaps a bigger one would be prudent. Of course, to have the space for that, we’d have to finally replace the refrigerator too. Basically a bar fridge, with no freezer and infuriating roll-out drawers that couldn’t accommodate an upright jar of pickles… Really, with a second child, a proper fridge only made sense. But then, of course, the cupboards would have to be redone, which would mean a trip to Ikea, multiple visits to the building supply centre, and removing the beast of a granite countertop. And you know, frankly, that thing was too narrow and we never really liked it… why not replace that too, while we’re at it?
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New directions

pencilsHappy September! Ahhh… does a freshly sharpened pencil feel like a new beginning to you too? That smell! My husband, who grew up in Germany where the school year looks quite different, was always so confused when I would refer to September as the “new” year, or the beginning of the year! But that’s how it will always feel, I think. And speaking of fresh starts…
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Welcome Alida! A birth story.


Aww, the littlest one had her one month birthday this week! She’s here sleeping in the crook of my arm rocking the socks and underwear look as only a babies and really, really old guys on the beach can. She’s such a soft little kitten, with a silky halo of dark hair and this tiny pink mouth! She was born barely three days after my last post, and I thought I’d share her birth story today! They’re not for everybody, but I’m a little addicted to birth stories (LOVED this book!). Is there anything so harrowing, but also so sweet? It’s this awesome combination of tender beauty and total badass adrenaline laden female grit. Or at least that’s what I’m saying now that it’s comfortably behind me! Ha! 😉

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Anger Management, As Told By Cats

I’ve made something kinda nice and relevant for me, that I hope you find helpful too! Five interesting tips on keeping calm – getting a little less angry! Illustrated with cute cats, as one does 😉 . But first – because it’s been a hundred thousand years, a little update and some context!

As I write this, I am reclining on a dusty purple and black geometric print armchair, swollen feet propped up on a matching ottoman, under a low styrofoam ceiling hung with deflated heart shaped balloons, so old they literally shatter in your hand. Cuddled up around me are Achim’s teenage drum set, a lava lamp, and a jumble of exercise equipment, obsoleting electronics and wooden furniture upholstered in faded and torn Aztek print. I’m camped out in my mother in law’s cellar, and let me tell you, I am one happy camper, because here, IT IS COOL.
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Selfie the Good


Frida watercolour2About a third of Frida Kahlo’s roughly 200 paintings were selfies. Sort of. 

How do you feel about selfies? I like them!

It isn’t something that I used to think much about, but when I had Jonah things kinda changed for me. I was a student interrupted, baby on boob in an attic apartment in a big city and pretty well none of my friends had kids. And the internet became less a tool for work and play and more a real, meaningful social opportunity. Basically, I went a little Instagram crazy and got into a lot of blogs.
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The 100 Day Project: Week 5

week-5-feature-image Week 5 100 Day Project roundup! I think I have entered a new phase in my own personal productivity trajectory! I have shifted out of Phase 1, the “wow, cool, a new challenge!” phase, with all its novelty, excitement and low-expectations, where if it doesn’t work out, meh, no biggie. Phase 1 is a lot of fun, BUT really it doesn’t see a whole lotta of progress or change and usually if I drop off, it’ll be then because I haven’t invested that much yet.

Phase 2 is a transition phase before the habit or project really sticks. I’m kinda restless, but I’m in too deep to just quit. However, I have a more realistic sense of what pushing through will mean – which is generally more than I thought and in absence of my phase 1 fervour, can feel a bit overwhelming. Like – 5 weeks down, NINE MORE TO GO?! Holy Hannah.
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