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Small acts of self-care

The YOSC: Entry #11 Last week Achim had a deadline so I had to pick up the slack at home, do bed-times, and even skip the gym once. I wasn’t feeling the best, health-wise, and neither was Alida – lots of crying and needing to be held. It could have been a pretty shitty week, but […]

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So, I joined a gym.

The 2017 Self-Care Project: Entry #4 Yeah, I did. I am indeed a January gym goer.  And I already have two failed year-long memberships under my belt, so for real, I have no illusions. This time I paid the premium for a one-month contract, though. I realised it has been pretty well 10 years since I […]

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Happy Birthday, Little Blog!

On January 14th this blog officially turned 1 year old! I am the shyly proud creator of 50 individual posts. My goal was to keep it up at least a year and then see, and although my upkeep has been a little spotty, I am pleased to report that my interest has surprisingly not been. I’ll […]

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