A tiny art show about a tiny girl


I’m having an art show! And I moved to a new country! And my baby is starting school in a few months! And we are buying a rundown victorian house that is probably going to drive us mad! And I got bangs!

My friends, I’ve not posted here in ages. My life has shifted so much in the past couple of years, I needed to give the blog a break while the dust (or maybe snippets? At least dust and snippets) settled a bit. If you follow me on Instagram, I have a pretty consistent presence there and do a lot of what I would consider micro-blogging through that platform, but occasionally I do find that I miss the longer form that the blog allows.

Last year I took on another 100 Day Project with the intention of chronicling and capturing the magic of my daughter “Lidi Pie” in all her spunky toddler glory through detailed 10x10cm cut paper illustrations and accompanying stories that I shared on Instagram under the hashtag #100daysofLidiPie. The project was just a touch elaborate for a daily endeavour, as seems to be my habit, and has ended up taking rather a lot longer than 100 days, but it’s been a really satisfying and meaningful thing for me. It’s ended up spanning a major period of transition. When it started, we were living in Bonn, Germany and I was still in the demanding throes of parenting two preschoolers. Over the course of recording these small moments with my girl, we’ve moved to the UK, somewhat permanently, my boy started school, I’ve joined a shared artist studio, and gradually my work as an illustrator has begun to actually amount to (marginally) more than a drop in the bucket financially. I’ve turned 35 which has always felt like a real adult age to me, and soon this small child of mine, my sparkly little companion for these last few years will start school too. It’s wild, how fast it goes. How excruciatingly slow, and also how impossibly freakin fast.

So it felt like a good time to do this, to have a little show. It’s a celebration of transition as much as it is an art show. I’ll be showing about 20 of the over 80 collages I’ve so far made. They will be for sale, and so will a selection of mini art prints at a lower price point, plus a special (and previously sold out) Lidi Pie zine I’ve made, but please don’t feel you have to buy something to come! The art show is on for a month, and there is a a little party if you’d like to come say hi on Tuesday, June 25th. It’s a free event, just come, look at the art, read the stories and laugh and relate and commiserate and celebrate! Buy a coffee from Russ, the kind owner of Kiosk cafe, where the show will be. It’ll be lovely.

Without further ado, here are the details:


A lot of tiny pictures
About a tiny girl
Made from tiny paper snippets
(In a tiny café)

June 18 – July 23

Opening reception: June 25, 3:30-6:30pm

At Kiosk Café 
41 Fossgate, York YO1 9TF


I would be utterly delighted if you would come!


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