Monthly Archives: February 2017

I guess what I’m saying is, I think I meditated

The 2017 Self-Care Project: Entry #8 I cannot count the number of times meditation has been recommended to me. I think it’s one of those things that makes such a big difference for some people that they tend to become big evangelists of the practice. That and the fact that my personal grievances basically read as […]

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When better isn’t best

The 2017 Self-Care Project: Entry #7 This week I am just taking a minute to refocus. I think I got a little off track there, at least in my head, and somehow all this thinking about self-care and learning to take better care of myself started quietly morphing into self-improvement and learning to BE BETTER. It […]

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Can a hat make you happier?

The 2017 Self-Care Project: Entry #6 Last week I got a new hat. I am so happy with this hat, that it stands out above all else when I think over the week. The thing is, I am perpetually dissatisfied with my clothing. I am conscious that this all sounds a bit materialistic, but my new […]

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