So, I joined a gym.

The 2017 Self-Care Project: Entry #4

Yeah, I did. I am indeed a January gym goer.  And I already have two failed year-long memberships under my belt, so for real, I have no illusions. This time I paid the premium for a one-month contract, though. I realised it has been pretty well 10 years since I exercised regularly and I just have to stop ignoring that. I have this idea that I am actually quite sporty, because I kind of was, oh, half my life ago. An while these delusions are nice and all, make my life seem a little more colourful, it’s kinda ludicrous to keep blaming sugar and lack of sleep and cold feet and constant (so far false) suspicions of mould and various vitamin deficiencies for everything when there is a shit ton of evidence that exercise is like, the number one bang for-your-buck when it comes to health.

I have complicated feelings about it.

I got a recommendation for a gym from my 18 year old babysitter, who is probably the hippest person I see these days. The place is right downtown so I can zip over on the streetcar in 10 minutes. It feels kinda good to be out at night, like, I suddenly get to join this population I generally have little contact with. People tend to be more relaxed and younger, and I often catch myself noting that they have no idea I have kids! They think I’m one of them! Which for some reason gives me a weird sort of giddy pleasure. Lol.

The plan is to go twice a week, in the evenings, bolting as soon as Achim gets home at 6:30… I have to admit, it’s nice to get a break from bedtime routine. I’ve gone three times so far. The gym itself is less shiny and metallic and clearly supposed to appeal to a more eclectic group. It sells high protein ice cream which I am quite interested in trying and the model on the poster has a nose ring. They play a nice mix of music, no stressful techno stuff, and generally the atmosphere is just pretty friendly and relaxed. Lots of women. Plus, they have childcare on the weekends, a sauna, and a little eucalyptus steam bath. I really look forward to the steam bath afterwards. I say all of this, because I must tell you. Even so, I never feel like going. When the moment comes, my body is just like, nope. Don’t Go. Please. Please… don’t make me move.

But so far the fact that I am pairing exercise with all kinds of nice things, and have eliminated some of the most aggravating/stressful parts of going to the gym which I miserably failed a couple years ago (the dark drive when I’m tired, the creepy underground parking, the nerve-zapping techno…) seems to (so far!) be helping. Gretchen Rubin often talks about this strategy of pairing things you don’t like with things you do on her podcast. It’s simple, but supposedly quite effective. We shall see.

The other thing I’ve changed this time around is that I am trying to keep the attitude that any exercise is good exercise. Usually, I will start running, or going to the gym, or climbing or whatever and I will try and develop a routine and stick to it in a systematic manner and after a week or two I am so bored. And I hate boredom, so I bail. I am tempted to do this again, but I think this time I’m going know thyself and just go. It doesn’t matter what I do there, I can do pilates. I can go on the bike. I can bum around with free weights. I can try something random and new. Try and get a sweat on but otherwise, whatever. Any exercise is certainly better than no exercise.

Today will be my fourth time, and I’m gonna go. I have a cold, so you know, obviously that’s like, I mean, the perfect reason to not go. Obviously. But anyway… Eucalyptus steam bath. Eucalyptus steam bath…


p.s. I actually recorded my thoughts on my phone while on the bike the first time I went to the gym. I like to think that as I ease in I will become a little more zen and cerebral. Ha. 😉

7 thoughts on “So, I joined a gym.

  1. Catriona Talbot

    LOVE THIS!!! So you must know that you’re not alone in facing all these hurdles. In fact, I am quite sure there are way more people with failed year-long memberships than those who get into a consistent routine on the very first try. Boredom is definitely an issue for me as well and variety in the workout has worked for me. I think it is better to do some cardio, some weights and some yoga so that you balance out the resistance with the stretches. I can also tell you that going to the gym three times a week consistently over a few months made me feel better physically than I ever have in my (pretty long) life. Energy level up. Chronic hip pain gone. So worth it. Bon courage!

  2. Caro | The Twinkle Diaries

    Yay! Go you!! At least you actually do go in January!! I don’t go at all these days. I’ve finally worked out that it’s just not for me — at all. So instead of doing the annual ‘I’m going to get fit and join a gym!’ — I do Pilates twice a week instead!! All year round. LOL! I absolutely LOVE your illustration btw! I did illustration at uni but barely pick up a pencil these days — everything is done on my mac. You’ve inspired me to get my paints out again!! 🙂 xx #Blogtacular

  3. Minerva

    Clavadito a lo que suele hacer mi cabeza cuando leo noticias de economia, no veo mucha diferencia en vuestra forma de redactarlo con la de los otros, que en teoria son los &#2s20;serio8”. Lo del gravamen me preocupa, ¿no tendré yo de eso en el riñon? Bueno, mientras no se haga daño a los animales, soportare lo que venga. Ojete

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