Balance feels better!

I did it! It’s still Sunday because I haven’t slept yet!

Entry #2 of the 2017 illustrated self-care project. As was to be expected, I went a little over the top this week. They won’t all be this elaborate! It was my first real go at an autobiographical “comic” type thing (besides the Goal Guide), so I’m still figuring it out. Although it’s hard to turn my critical brain off (nothing is ever as clean and simple as I want it to be!), it was fun and genuinely helpful!

Without further ado, some thoughts on balance…

*  *  *
*  *  *

Imagine that! Lol. I was actually surprised. I mean, I’ve often tried to mix up weekly activities, but daily, I feel like I want to just get way into one thing and put a good dent in it. It was actually kind of an aha moment to realise that I appear to be happier and calmer when my individual days have a balance of different activities within them. I seem to wear myself out too often with “too much of a good thing”, and then I’m scampering, trying to play catch-up with the rest of life.

I’ve been trying to remind myself, since Friday, that “balance feels better,” giving myself permission to stop with things like cleaning when I’ve put in a substantial chunk of time (even if I’m not done!) and on the other end, reminding myself that I will feel better if I let rest ’til tomorrow the illustration thing that I am super stoked about and itching to get back to, once I’ve already given it a good part of my day.* This week, I am going to try and think of my days in pie charts. Probably in rough thirds (I do like a big piece of pie…), let’s see how it goes.

Love to hear your thoughts! It is possible that I am a bit of a weirdo with this one…

Til’ next week!


*When I say “a good part of my day”, I really mean, “a good part of the available time I have given the fact that I am pretty much always taking care of 1-2 children. So, that means during naps, when Alida is feelin’ good and happily entertained along side me, on weekends if Achim has the kids, at night after the kids are in bed, or if the babysitter or possibly my mother-in-law takes the kids. “Childcare” was actually a whole blue circle under everything in my pie charts, cause that’s kinda how it is!

4 thoughts on “Balance feels better!

  1. Lisa Savage

    This is so great!! Balance is what I seek as well and I love how you tracked your day so as to really see what you are doing with your time and the days when you felt the best….I am going to try this. Thank you for sharing!! <3

  2. Lena

    I feel like I do better in my life when I work hard at “resetting” things quickly. Like after lunch, cleaning up and clearing off my table. I find this works the best, even if it takes longer overall, because then if I am inspired to do something, there is a place for me to do it without having to clean up a bunch of junk.

    And I also think about the truth that my kids are watching everything I do! So keeping a tidy house is a struggle but it gives better peace and predictably in my house. And there is a comfort to be found in doing the quotidian tasks. It’s hard to find but it is there.

    Also I know my day isn’t going well if I check my phone too much for emails or updates or whatever. That’s a bad sign.

  3. Catriona Talbot

    I have recently moved into a phase of life where my days are almost completely unstructured, i.e. I have no schedule and no deadlines. So far I have been extremely unproductive, because although there are lots of things I want and/or need to do, there’s nothing imperative about doing them NOW. But I have found if I do a mix of things over the course of the day, I feel more positive at the end of the day. Just today I’ve been thinking about trying to do four hours of things I’d rather not do and four hours of things I’d rather do during the morning and afternoon, and then have unstructured time in the evenings. We’ll see how that works.

  4. Linda powell

    Balance is better and so is some organised childcare time. Can’t leave everything for the evening cos there also needs to be adult time n most of all time for sleep, very rejuvenating. X


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