100 Days of How Things Are

howthingsare-blog1Hey Guys! So, I can’t believe it, but it’s that time of year again. The 100 Day Project is on! I feel like I just finished the last one. This time last year I was the pregnant mama to one curious toddler, now my little baby is a whopping (she really is whopping, cheeks for miiiiles) 9 months old and my long legged, climbing, rhyming first baby is about to turn 4!! Ol’ father time is one weird, moody, warped dude. Sigh.

In case you are new to it, the 100 Day Project is this big, worldwide, 100 day creativity love fest, shared through social media and spearheaded by artist/author/tech superstar/general dreamer and do-all-gooder Elle Luna. The idea is this: You choose some creative action and do it every day for 100 days and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #The100DayProject, plus your own individual hashtag so that people can see all your work in one place. Or as Elle explains…

People do it for all kinds of reasons, but I think mostly it tends to be about showing up and making time for something creative and meaningful within a supportive community. There are some aspects of accountability, commitment and building discipline too… And of course, it’s fun! If it sounds interesting to you, I would definitely recommend joining in.

Last year I did 100 Days of a Line By Nine. I wanted to letter and illustrate a quote from the previous 24 hours – something I heard someone say or I read or thought – every day before 9am. Hahahaha. I literally managed to finish once before 9am. I am simply not a morning person, even when highly motivated, as I learned. Which was valuable information. BUT, I finished the drawings at some point each day (well, most days, I did a fair amount of “catching up”, as usual) and it was so good for me!  First of all, it just made me more mindful of what I was hearing throughout the day, and I ended up mostly quoting then 2-3 year old Jonah so the finished notebook is an awesome record of that time. But it was also just great to see what I could do and how much I improved and frankly, to see that people liked what I was doing. That was such a boost! Here’s a cute example of one of my Jonah quotes:

still-not-your-pillowSo this year I’m doing it again. My project is 100 Days of How Things Are. On Instagram, that is #100daysofhowthingsare. Part illustrated journal, part commentary, I’m making daily illustrations on the general state of things to date. How things are for me at the moment, or at least how it feels like things are. Life – sweet, weird, ordinary life – accompanied by captions. So far they have a bit of a comic feel, we’ll see how that evolves over 100 days! The project runs from April 19 – July 27 (but you can join in at any time!).

You can follow along on my new illustration/art specific Instagram account @elenaskoreyko, or on my Elena’s Treehouse Facebook Page.

Here are a couple of the illustrations I’ve done for this project so far. For the commentary, check them out on Instagram.


Lol. Anyone else in an epic battle with the laundry? As always, I love to hear your thoughts – especially let me know if you are participating in The 100 Day Project!


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