Happy Birthday, Little Blog!

happybirthdayOn January 14th this blog officially turned 1 year old! I am the shyly proud creator of 50 individual posts. My goal was to keep it up at least a year and then see, and although my upkeep has been a little spotty, I am pleased to report that my interest has surprisingly not been. I’ll be changing a few things, but continuing for sure. It can be hard to find space to create, physically, emotionally, and psychologically in the beautiful mess of everyday life, and this place has been sort of a “room of one’s own” for me.

I can’t believe how liberating it is to have a place that is mine all mine to do whatever I want with! I’ve kinda wrestled with the fact that it’s not really an OT blog or an art blog or a mommy blog – or maybe a blog at all. And then I remember, that is totally ok. It’s probably some extension of self acceptance. This website has actually been a conduit for my evolving clarity about what I wanna do, how I want to spend my time outside the blog as well and that feels incredibly good. Exciting, actually. I’ve got a couple goals for 2016 that feel fresh.

For one, I’ve started a 365 project. Making the illustrations for each of the Love Story pages was such a huge pleasure for me, but I’m finding that unless I have a concrete goal I don’t give any time to art making. So I am making a picture every day for 365 days, usually as soon as the kids are in bed. I’ve made a new Instagram account for it, @lenimakes, if you’d like to follow. 26 down, and so far, so good. Here are my three favourite pictures so far:

365-achim-on-laptop 365-bakery 365-goes-by-fast

One of my greatest pleasures, though, has been hearing from you. Really, I can’t thank you enough for reading and appreciating the mishmash of stuff I’m doing. It’s incredibly cool. I’m afraid I am abysmally bad at responding to comments, here, on Facebook and on Instagram. Number ONE mistake for a blogger. I know, but when it comes to compliments, I’m the nerd standing there awkwardly in front of you, just beaming her face off and not knowing what to do with her hands. I’m determined to improve there, but please always remember, you make my heart dance like crazy.

Over the last few weeks the babes have been up partying all night, so we called in some reinforcements – my dad is actually here, visiting from Nova Scotia! I’m hoping to make use of the time to get some projects going, pump out a few posts.

Until then, tons and tons of love to you!


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