12 Loads of Laundry (and then some)

thanks-universeHellloooo up there! It’s me emerging – rumpled, a little sweaty, maybe a discarded raisin or two stuck to my face – from under a mountain of bust-out onesies and small, impossibly oatmeal-encrusted striped t-shirts. My sister’s visit was awesome but exhausting, big props to those of you with twins. Two babies at once has a special way of (adorably) consuming the days!

babiesThe 9th has come and gone, and the Love Story is still hibernating. I know. In lieu of explanation, I thought I would submit this photo of our car, literally packed with 12 loads of laundry on their way to be burned monopolize a laundromat somewhere:

laundry-car-bwSuch are things, to date.  However, thanks to a sweet mother-in-law who doesn’t mind a little elbow grease, we’ve almost got a handle on things again, WHEW.

In other, somewhat cooler news, that gorgeous Gabrielle of Design Mom featured one of my illustrated quotes the other day with a growing a family story! The piece is by another artist Mama, Mallory Myers, recounting her experience with perinatal panic attacks and OCD. More about that in a moment, first I’ve gotta tell you how weird it is that Gabrielle (unknowingly) chose to pair our stuff. Totally unrelated, Mallory actually sent me the nicest email a couple months ago because she felt a connection with her own process, of “art making and motherhood, and how they can work in tandem.” The feeling was mutual! Of all the people on this here wild, wild web… so cool that we were connected again.

Mallory’s story is a tender, important and gently uplifting read. Beyond postpartum depression, I wasn’t really aware that perinatal mood disorders were so pervasive… though I should have been. I have to say, I haven’t always felt my finest in these months after Alida’s birth. It’s not overwhelming, but I do sometimes feel a little shadow tugging at my heels, a bit more anxiety than usual. I think the stress of visitors and other family responsibilities has taken a toll on me… I can tell this is a time when I need to take care of myself. This was a beautifully apt reminder.

The illustration Gabrielle chose is the clever little kicker. I’ve been talking to Achim about that shadow tugging at my heels… Looks like I’ve gotta do some jumping!

So, a little vote of confidence from Gabrielle, whom I’ve admired for years, plus a reminder that doing these here little drawings and stories does have the possibility to connect people and generally do good, not to mention a reminder from MYSELF to be brave… It was just the healthy dose of affirmation I needed.

Such are things, to date, indeed.


p.s. If you’ve found your way here via Design Mom, welcome! So glad you are here. 🙂

5 thoughts on “12 Loads of Laundry (and then some)

  1. Dakota Nyght

    That is so wonderful Elena! Congratulations! And I do hope you are able to take a little downtime for yourself in the wake of your family. I’ve found two to be more challenging to recover from than just one child – at any stage!

    1. Elena

      Whew, too true, Dakota. Especially now that Alida is movin and shakin, so exciting but things are getting busier and busier. I have actually finally conceded to Achim’s requests for more “systems” around the house, meal planning, systematic approaches to laundry etc. Generally i am allergic to habit, but it has come to this! lol.

  2. Iris Fitzpatrick

    Jumping over your own shadow, hahaha that had to come from the german. I love translating expressions especially if they work as well as this one 😉 I really enjoyed today.

    1. Elena

      Lol I love translating expressions from German – i think in your native language they fly under the radar, don’t really evoke the same image anymore, but they seem so apt when they are freshly learned. Miss you guys, hope to see you soon! xo

  3. Roseanna

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