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Love Story: Page 15

Page 15 September 2006 – Bonn, Germany I had a notebook with me, on the airplane and for the next few months. It was supposed to be a travel diary, but ended up mainly filled with chicken scratch hostel addresses and contact info for all our Amazing New Friends, whom I would never speak to […]

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Love Story: Page 14

Page 14 October 2005 to September 2006 – Toronto, ON / Bonn, Germany I think we only wrote one letter each. Paper letters, I mean. Mine was a long, disjointed cadavre exquis of┬ápersonal essays, flitting through homemade lino print stationary, looseleaf and sketchbook paper, various pens, highs and lows over the course of several days […]

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12 Loads of Laundry (and then some)

Hellloooo up there! It’s me emerging – rumpled, a little sweaty, maybe a discarded raisin or two stuck to my face – from under a mountain of bust-out onesies and small, impossibly oatmeal-encrusted striped t-shirts. My┬ásister’s visit was awesome but exhausting, big props to those of you with twins. Two babies at once has a […]

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