Love Story: Returning November 9th!


Sooooo, part of the idea behind finishing the love story in 30 days was to have it wrapped up before my sister and her husband and baby boy arrived here in Germany (from Canada!) on the 22nd, but of course, that didn’t happen. So it goes. And now we are in full swing familyville. We’ve got a lot of stuff going on over the next week or so, and I realised that it was just adding stress to do a Love Story page, which kind of defeats the purpose! I am really loving putting these little instalments together, but right now I need to spend a some time with my dear long lost sister! And bake a bunch of cakes. Which is really not my forte but such is life when visitors come to call in Germany. I will rise to the challenge! It may (will!) get messy. Speaking of which, funny story…

The last time I tried to bake a cake for a German Kaffee und Kuchen, it was an utter disaster (to be clear, I am trying to make fancy German cakes gluten-free, here). I mean, it literally exploded. And then collapsed. However, I ended up rolling the gooey mess into balls and dipping them in chocolate and it worked out shockingly well. In fact, Achim’s cousin’s partner messaged me for the recipe! Ha! This is the verbatim message I sent back:

For the Recipe: 200g dark chocolate, 200g butter, 200g sugar, 200g almond meal (ground almonds), 4 eggs, 1 packet vanilla sugar, 1 packet baking powder. Melt the chocolate and the butter together. Whip the eggs and sugar together until frothy. Add baking powder, vanilla sugar and almond meal to eggs and sugar and mix. Add melted chocolate to the mix, and pour into a greased pan. Bake for 50min on 160c. Warning – Mine basically exploded and then imploded, looked terribly ugly! I waited for it to cool and then using my hands stuck a cherry inside and squeezed/rolled it into balls. Put them in the freezer until cool. Meanwhile, heat up another 200g of dark chocolate, with maybe 25g of butter (just a little to make it a bit easier to work with). Once it’s all melted, take each ball and dunk it in the chocolate – I used a little spoon to roll it around and make sure it was covered and then lift it out and carefully place it in a cupcake paper. Once they are all coated you can decorate them with nuts or sprinkles or whatever. Once finished, put them on a packing sheet and in the freezer again until the chocolate has set and is hard. And that’s it!

The best part is, he has made them several times now, and it always works exactly as I described, with the explosion/implosion. Lol. It’s become a bit of a signature treat. He calls them Elena’s Amazing Chocolate Explosion Balls, or something like that. So there you go. If all else fails this week, there is always that.

Just a little digression for your pleasure.

Anyway, I’d say the love story has a good 5 more pages to go, at least. I’m looking forward to reminiscing on this next bit… See you on the 9th!


p.s. If you just found me, the Love Story starts here.

6 thoughts on “Love Story: Returning November 9th!

  1. hena tayeb

    I just discovered your blog and perused through some of the pages of the Love Story.. wow.. so beautiful. Your sister and her family are going to love this, what a thoughtful present. Enjoy family time and all the cake!!

    1. Elena

      Thanks so much, Hena! We did indeed eat too much cake, although we tried a new recipe – the chocolate explosion was a bit overwhelming with so many tiny kids around! 😉 xo

    1. Elena

      Lol, it doesn’t seem to happen too often to me, but when it does, there is indeed an added joy. Like, the experience is that much better, coming up from the trenches of a near disaster!

  2. Bert

    Hoi Vincent, goede blog!Toevallig keek ik vanmorgen ook bij Apple via facebook, wat mij opviel en ik dacht dat jij hier ook over ging bloggen…. Zij hebben hun tiny URL niet eens ge&;iamdc#8230l. Op zich ook vreemd in mijn ogen voor z0′n bedrijf???Succes en groet,Wendy


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