New directions

pencilsHappy September! Ahhh… does a freshly sharpened pencil feel like a new beginning to you too? That smell! My husband, who grew up in Germany where the school year looks quite different, was always so confused when I would refer to September as the “new” year, or the beginning of the year! But that’s how it will always feel, I think. And speaking of fresh starts…

I’ve been pondering how I might be able to keep this blog up in the wake of the recent teeny addition to my workload! I’ve got a few ideas that I’m excited about, and I’ll be rolling those out over the next couple weeks. To start with, though, I’m going to try my hand at more regular, short, reflective posts, rather then so many massive post-projects. Achim and my sister have been encouraging me to do this for a while. Just share what’s on my mind, something I stumbled on, something interesting that happened. I’d like to pair these little posts with simple illustrations, nothing fancy, just experiments, sketches.

The idea is, a little less time spent – less filtered and fretted over – in favour of more often, honest and easy. I always feel like I have to roll any idea somehow into a more complex, elaborate post to make it worth your time! Maybe I don’t though? We’ll see.

I’ll still do the bigger, research-based posts, or fancier illustrations, just not every time. Maybe every few weeks. I have to say, if there is one thing the 100 Day Project showed me, it’s the value of a little bit every day, over a whole lot almost never. I could feel myself improving. Plus, creating something – even something small – every day kept me feeling so happily engaged, both with the work and also the people who were enjoying it and/or doing something similar. I really loved that! So that’s what we are going for, here.

My next post will be one of these shorter, rawer posts. It makes me nervous! You’ll have to let me know what you think…



5 thoughts on “New directions

  1. Allison

    I’m going to try to join you! I keep meaning to press publish on the “less filtered and fretted over” as well. I look forward to seeing anything you put out into the world, m’dear.

    1. Elena

      Months later… not really a whole lot “less filtered and fretted over”, more like just “less”. Ha! Oh well, you know what, I’ve actually realized that maybe those spur of the moment posts aren’t really me, or at least they feel more instagram than bloggy to me. I’m actually a pretty private person in some ways. Can’t force it. So, I’m not. I’m going to just let the blog be what it is. I think it’s moving more in the direction of a living portfolio. I don’t think I’m really a Mom Blogger afterall, and that’s cool! Good to know. Good to know. 🙂 How are you? Let’s email, like the introverts we are. xo

  2. Dakota Nyght

    Oh! I look forward to your shorter posts, but fully sympathize as I have the same problem with blogging. My posts always end up being much longer and require more time investment than I intend.

    1. Elena

      Ah, this short posts thing isn’t happening for me either, Dakota! And you know what, maybe that’s okay. I think we are both just a little more of the introspective side and introspection takes a lot of words! There is any right way to blog. xo

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