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March 2000 – Cologne, Germany

That visit to Germany was barely two weeks. March break from school, plus a little. Maybe I’m lingering too long, there is a lot to tell after that. But it sparkles in my mind like it wants to be shared.

Just before I left, my sister and I took a day trip to Cologne. Despite inflated teenage confidence, we were, in fact, obviously inexperienced travellers from a rural Canadian town of 7,000 with no public transit, not to mention genetically predisposed to poor planning and time management. That is to say, we ended up in a scrubby train station coffee shop. We sat side-by-side, perched on steel barstools a foot and a half from the steamy, sad excuse for a display window, sharing something with a lot of sugar.

My sister is a journaler. She has boxes of books holed up in a closet at our parents place, filled with page after magnetic page of scrawled thoughts. Years later, we looked at the notebook she had with her that day. There were two detailed list. Heads bowed in secrecy over the narrow counter, we had each outlined our “future husband”. It was quite clear – I had simply described Achim.

Page 4/15. In case you missed this post, I’ll be writing and illustrating our story over the course of 30 days. It’s a true story, although sometimes it might not seem that way! You can expect new “pages” posted every second day, from September 22-October 21.


p.s. Page 1Page 2, and Page 3, if you’ve just started reading. 🙂

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    1. Elena

      Lol!! Really??! Wow. What prompted us to do that?! As far as I can remember, I thought about marriage approximately never at that age. Unbelievable.

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