Love Story: Page 1

Page 1

I hate to start on a sad note. I promise, most of this story is happy. But it’s a true story, and the thing about true stories is that they are sometimes sad.

During the mild german January of 1999, when my husband was 19 years old, he lost his father to the North Sea. Plane crash. The ripples stretched across the atlantic, to our small Nova Scotian town. Our exchange student, Fran, got a phone call, and for a week my mother felt sick for this unknown boy and his family.

I was 14. I knew who he was. Months earlier, sitting on the floor in the small upstairs bedroom with a pile of blurry candid photographs of german teenagers looking so attractively free and unfamiliar, I picked out a pink cheeked boy with round, wide-open brown eyes. Plaid flannel shirt, chin length hair, tucked self consciously behind his ears. A face too beautiful to look so serious. “That’s Uschuk,”  said Fran, using his nickname. I quietly continued sifting through the pile, searching every picture for him.

I made it! Page 1/15. In case you missed this post, I’ll be writing and illustrating our story over the next 30 days. It’s a true story, although sometimes it might not seem that way! You can expect new “pages” posted every second day, from September 22-October 21.


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