The 100 Day Project: Week 5

week-5-feature-image Week 5 100 Day Project roundup! I think I have entered a new phase in my own personal productivity trajectory! I have shifted out of Phase 1, the “wow, cool, a new challenge!” phase, with all its novelty, excitement and low-expectations, where if it doesn’t work out, meh, no biggie. Phase 1 is a lot of fun, BUT really it doesn’t see a whole lotta of progress or change and usually if I drop off, it’ll be then because I haven’t invested that much yet.

Phase 2 is a transition phase before the habit or project really sticks. I’m kinda restless, but I’m in too deep to just quit. However, I have a more realistic sense of what pushing through will mean – which is generally more than I thought and in absence of my phase 1 fervour, can feel a bit overwhelming. Like – 5 weeks down, NINE MORE TO GO?! Holy Hannah.

At the same time, in Phase 2 I begin to have a quiet sense of accomplishment! I can look back and see that I’ve grown a little, produced, improved, done something I feel good about. Something has changed in a small way, pushing open that heavy, dusty old window of possibility a crack and I start fantasizing about how much more could change if I push through! It’s a different kind of motivation – it doesn’t have the impulsive, carefree ease of Phase 1 motivation – it’s harder, more focused and deliberate – but it’s also more satisfying.

I mean, okay, I know, I’m drawing little pictures here, I’m still essentially playing! So yeah, it is still totally fun, I do love it. But even so, the self-discipline is hard, and phase 2 stands! I was SO behind in terms of time this week, but the fact that I actually did do all the pages regardless is something I’m satisfied with. And in the end I feel good looking over my pages, well – except that cake, blah – that was a stretch – it was just all I could do that hot, sweaty, toddler-party-destroyed-apartment day. So it goes.

Generally though, I’m pleased to see how my lettering is evolving a little, I think I’m getting a better flow and better at using space, and becoming more sensitive to the words – and the little world – around me. It takes reminding myself to put down my phone, stash my computer, be there, listen. And I  like that. It’s a quiet kinda change, but I think it’s softly helping slow down my world a little.

So here are the pages! Hope you like them.

Week 5

Day-29Day 29: I wasn't on my game, the weekend's birthday celebration took a lot outta me! Squeezed this in in the afternoon at the playground while J played. Lol, he was so, so excited about the birthday cake he helped his Oma bake! And so naturally in his mind everyone else was too!

Day-30Day 30: Ohh my, classic Achim! I hope this doesn't come off as callous, let me explain- it was 3am, I was exhausted, Achim had just gotten me from Joni's room where I'd passed out yet again while trying to cajole him into sleeping, and we were reminiscing a little about his birthday, looking back on the years, as one does, and Achim said - in complete seriousness, "he's still alive!" He's always felt like a little child's life is so delicate, and each year he says something to this effect. And then he continued... As the caption reads! Lol, because unfortunately, we have an awful propensity for killing plants... I mean, it's totally ludicrous, yes, but... well... Also true for us, in a certain totally ridiculous sense. I just started laughing deleriously!

Day-31Day 31: Walking home... Every time I pass these beautiful lilac bushes along the periphery of my neighbors' yards I just wanna pinch a branch and take it home with me! But of course that wouldn't be right, sighhhh. Thank goodness, breathing them in is always allowed! And that is really the best part anyway. ☺️

Day-32-Day 32: Conversation between economist and three year old!☝️We had some corn chips with our variation of Mexican food last night and Achim filled J in on incremental incentives to explain why we would only give him one chip at a time rather than all at once with the rest of his food. ☺️ p.s. btw, this one is a collab with J!

Day-33Day 33: Achim's low blow (lol) while arguing with me about the English language! He is German but speaks pretty well perfect English and has a more precise analytical approach than I do. As a native speaker, I just do what sounds right. I was directing him and Jonah on how to make an "r" sound stronger, which I felt required a pirate's snarl. Achim did not agree. 😉 You know, it's surprising me how often I'm quoting Achim! It's helping me recognize how much we actually laugh together, which is really nice.

Day-34Day 34: I'm a day behind! I'll catch up today! Fishing with Jonah (as described in this blog post) we catch lots of great things! "Hippo cub" takes the cake though. ☺️

Day-35Day 35: For Mother's Day... I'm still a day behind, but I don't mind stretching out the celebration of Mamas a little! 😉 I saw this on Facebook the other day, part of a really sweet caption by Joanna Goddard about her Mama, and I can relate. My mama wore 15 year old jeans and shapeless pompom sweaters growing up. Her Mary Kay eye shadow was missing a lid and probably from before I was born. She wore a little lipstick, but it was never something we talked about - not that that would have been a bad thing, there is something sweet about passing down that self care for sure. But my mother taught us about beauty differently, she showed us unbelievable kindness, empathy and generosity, at every opportunity. She parented four intense kids and literally opened her home to so many more who needed a place to stay. I'm serious, a young man with schizophrenia, a pregnant teenager, three teenage guys who had been kicked out of their homes... Many many more. Looking back I can't believe how with a house fulla kids, busy, busy life she just opened her heart to these people in need! She taught me about beauty, that's for sure, without ever talking about make up.

And that’s week 5! We’re already well into week 6 now – heavy on the Jonah quotes so far, if you missed that this past week! I tried something new and made a surprisingly pretty bird the other day using collage, and now I’m tempted to just mess with that technique all week! Lol. We’ll see! You can follow daily on Instagram or Facebook. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project: Week 5

  1. Dakota Nyght

    I think I said this on Ig, but I love that quote of Achim’s (where you two were arguing about pronounciation), not because of the quote so much as I love the deep blue and the wave forms on that page!

    1. Elena

      Thanks! I think waves and watery blues are perhaps the strongest part of my personal visual language, Dakota. I love them so, and so enduringly. It’s growing up near the sea… there is salt water in my blood. ♥


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