The 100 Day Project: Week 4

week-4-featured-image-Week 4 of the 100 Day Project! A whole month in and more than a quarter of the way through, now. I gotta say – this week was kinda tough! I found myself feeling a little antsy. One, Jonah and I were both sick. But also – my wandering mind is up to it’s old tricks! Nothing I didn’t expect – I’ve typically got a pretty remarkable aversion to the routine. Although I probably don’t live the wild, spontaneous existence one might expect from such a person, I generally feel almost itchy without a high level of novelty in my life! For me, that appetite for novelty takes the form of a quick succession of new creative projects… sew a dress, bind some books, refinish a shelf, paint a board book, frame some pictures, decorate easter eggs, do a screen print, upcycle a tshirt into some toddler harem pants… etc. But the project is making me use my craftycrafty time in a more consistent way. Darn it, it’s making me focus!

Which, yeahh… is what I wanted. Growing up my dad was forever telling me about those traditional potters who had to smash their first 100 dishes, in efforts to hone their skills (although now that I try and google this story, I cannot find it… hmm). This idea appeals to me NOT AT ALL, but you know, Malcolm Gladwell’s 10 000 hours, blah blah blah, practice is good, I guess. 😉 I can see some improvements – probably imperceivable from the outside, but little things that I’m pleased with.

And it feels good to honour this commitment, if imperfectly. I feel proud of myself… And since I’m not planning on giving up, that need for newness is pushing me to seek out new styles or techniques, or to further explore the ones I’ve most enjoyed. And it’s also helping me accept that they won’t all be great – especially if I’m trying something I’m not used to! Heh. And then, somedays, it’s really mostly about showing up in good faith, just doing it because I said I would – and that’s valuable too.

As for the the pesky issue of time (before nine)… I’m just not even going to get into it this week! I think it was enough to just push through my little slump.

Pages ahead!

Week 4

Day-22Day 22: Well, that's good sweetie, I'm glad. Lol. J's been spouting some pretty cute stuff - calling me honey and sweetie, as in "Mama, come play trucks with me, okay? Okay? Did you hear me, sweetie?" And "time to get up, honey!" Lol but in the end I went with his response to my telling him I love him. ☺️

Day-23Day 23: Logical, this one! He must get it from his papa. Addendum: I suppose it doesn't matter since it is a made up word, but I've misspelled it, I'd say! It would be "Farmesan", not "Farmasan"!

Day-24Day 24: "I'm all twirled up" - in case that's not legible! Jonah was kinda sick the past couple days and said this at bedtime while curled up in fetal position in his bed. 💛 Thought it was cute and astute. Now I seem to have caught his cold, and I'm all twirled up! Or I wish I was! Oh man feeling draggy. Just wanna pass out! You know what though? I actually got up early today, first one in the apartment up! Achim came in a half an hour later totally incredulous. I was planning on doing my drawing then but was too much of a zombie! It's a process! 😴

Day-25Day 25: That's me talking to myself, guys! Yesterday was a bit of a write off, so today I was determined to start off right - which naturally means layers of multicoloured clothing! Aww yeeah. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, there she is!! Atta girl. And I've already kicked my procrastination where it hurts and made 9 (NINE!) pregnancy related phone calls auf Deutsch this morning, huzzah! So, here's to a better day! 🌈

Day-26Day 26: Finished after midnight, guys! Lol, ahh well. I let my blog post take precedence today. I was a little lower on motivation for the project this week- I know it'll come around, maybe already is, I really enjoyed doing this drawing! I was just drowning a bit, colds all round, apartment falling apart, dire need for a good grocery shop, etc. But Achim took Jonah to his Oma's today and I had the best day just being by myself, working on my blog, cleaning, getting ready for J's birthday. Ahhh... Sometimes being alone is just so delicious!

Day-27Day 27: I don't know why or where it came from, but Joni has started calling the baby "Rumble Baby" lol - maybe because tummies rumble and she's in my tummy? I don't know but I kinda like it - they say second borns are the shit disturbers! I've been trying to help him feel her kick, and he is very interested but it's hard to get him to stay still long enough! So this was him last night, head on my belly as I was putting him to bed.

Day-28Day 28: Just Joni being his silly self, teasing me as we were baking birthday cupcakes together. He is learning to tease, complete with naughty, knowing little smile! I kinda love it.

And that’s week 4, huzzah! I really liked the Being Alone page (Day 26). It’s not of me, in case you are wondering, although I did almost put my neck out trying to get a photobooth pic of myself with hair flying! Lol, decided it would be kinder to my vertebrae to do the drawing based on a grainy stock image of a girl I thought had the right feeling. 🙂

As always, I love to hear your thoughts! Got any good tricks for waning motivation? I’m so curious – do you have a favourite style or page in my project so far? Something you think I should try?

And again – remember you can follow along daily on Instagram or Facebook! And if you are looking for inspiration, oh man, it’s so worth to check out all the #The100DayProject stuff happening on Instagram. So. Good.

See you later this week!


2 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project: Week 4

  1. Dakota Nyght

    So far I really love the ones where you’re quoting Jonah… but the cut paper images fascinate me too, because I’ve played with doing that but never achieved results that I felt were satisfactory!

    1. Elena

      Thanks Dakota! In the end, the Jonah quotes were by far the most popular! I’m so glad I have the record of his funny words as well. And I am loving cut paper! Something about the process… i feel like I have a little less control than I would if I were drawing or painting, maybe just because of my lack of history with the medium, but it’s much more fun for me to see how it turns out when I really am not sure myself! xo


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