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the100dayproject_elenastreehouseFirst and foremost – a very happy Easter to you that celebrate it! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. I love Easter – it’s such a perfect beginning. I just wanna shake off everything stale and grey and blah and wear pink and yellow and big skirts and try new things and sing and flutter and fly with the fresh breeze! Know what I mean? Lol. And so that is why I’m here, well, well after midnight, putting together this post. I’ve got new project to share!

Have you heard of The 100 Day Project? It’s basically a big celebration of 100 days of making, together with hundreds (thousands?) of soul sisters and brothers across the interwebs! The idea is to choose something – some action, anything really – cook, write, draw, sing, dance, wish, examine, study, play, etc. – and repeat it every day, for 100 days. And we’re invited to share the process on social media, tagged #The100DayProject. The purpose is the process, not the product, but there are so many lovely little purposes within that – building sweet discipline, committing to creativity, connecting with a community, and so on. This year, artist/illustrator and start-up superstar Elle Luna is at the helm in collaboration with The Great Discontent magazine, which is cool because it means so many more people will probably hear about it and get involved this year. Like me, for example!


Image by Elle Luna for The 100 Day Project

I heard about it last week, and it appealed to me right away. Last year, I participated in the 100 Happy Days challenge (another attempt to cope and stave off hormonal depression!) and I really loved it. I posted on Instagram and Facebook and it ended up being such a positive point of connection with so many people! It gradually shifted the way I looked at my days and built my self-discipline in just the tiny increments that I could handle. And even though it was def more about the process than the product, I’m so happy to have that 100 day chronicle of gratitude!

This challenge is a lot more open, although you could totally do a 100 day gratitude journal if you wanted. I’m in a really different place than I was last year though, so I wanted to try something new. It took a some hemming and hawing to come up with a plan that got me excited. But now I’ve got it! Here is the deal:

My hope is that the project will work on a few levels. I’m hoping it helps me to be present and better listen to the people in my life; to focus enough to process the sweet moments and really hear the words that come from them. I’m especially hoping to hear Jonah. It might turn out that I record mostly his words. We’ll see. In these early days of (somewhat) coherent sentences, the sweetest, funniest, weirdest most enchanting stuff comes out of his mouth! I want to be attentive to that, and to have a record of it would be wonderful. Plus – and this is important – I’m looking to cultivate a little routine (my nemesis!) as well. I think the biggest challenge for me may be the “by 9” bit. But I’ve been really craving a little gentle structure, and I’m hoping this will do it by getting me warming things up before 9 every single day (!!!).

I’ll be posting a roundup of the previous week’s lines here on the blog each Monday, and I’ll post them daily on Instagram and Tumblr. So far, I haven’t used Tumblr much, so that’s a little mini project as well!

I really hope you follow along. Or join in! That would be so awesome.

Image by Elle Luna for The 100 Day Project

If you do start your own project (and starting late is totally fine), let me know in the comments, I’d love to follow you as well!


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  6. Montserrat

    Hi!! I discovered you in IG, and i loved your photos and your work. I’m a mom of a 20months girl, and right now i was struggling with how to create and have my own creative moments with her demanding me all day (she doesnt go to school yet). This project is very interesting! I will try to start it, even the 9am point is a bit difficult.. Let’s keep in touch! ( my ig is @happyhorn_slowfamily

    1. Elena

      Dear Montserrat,
      I am just going back to my blog. going through past comments to ease myself back in after the birth of our baby girl, and I wanted to respond to your comment! First – I’m so glad you appreciate my work, thank you! I hear you, it can be such a challenge to find that time to be creative. In the end, I think I finished before 9 maybe once! Once, in 100 days! Lol. But it taught me a lot — namely that this e little doses of creativity had such a huge impact on my happiness – committing to that is so good for me, and my family! But at the same time, I’ve gotta be flexible. Currently, I’m doing a new project (with a new IG, @lenimakes), where i do a drawing every day. The plan is to do them all year. I can do them at any point, and I am not allowed to stress about it. I really try to do them every day, but if i don’t, whatever. I just do 2 simple ones the next day. Usually, I do the drawings in the evening, after the kids are in bed. I have a little pouch with all the things I need already in it, and i pull it over to the couch and cuddle up and just play around in my sketchbook while chatting with my husband or watching a show. I share it on IG to keep me accountable. Sometimes, I do the drawing while I “play” with my almost-4 year old, and the baby sleeps. I think the important part is that I can’t have too high of standards for myself, sometimes I like the work, sometimes it’s kinda meh, but it doesn’t matter! It’s just about the chance to be creative. I think I followed you on IG, but I will follow you from my new account as well. I’d love to stay in touch and encourage each other in our creative pursuits. 🙂 xo

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