The 100 Day Project: Week 3

100-Day-Project-week-3-coverWeek 3 – almost a quarter of the way through! I had a little fun trying out some different stuff this week – days 18 and 19 I particularly enjoyed. Notice that I got a new white gel pen? I love it! Ah, it’s the little things!

I keep reminding myself, this is a process, this is just for fun – so try things – and if I don’t like it, it’s just 1 of 100 anyway, so whatever. It’s so liberating! Typically, I take everything I do far too seriously. I’ll feel it viscerally, a sort of pain or nagging discomfort if something in my sketchbook sucks. I think I’ve been growing out of this for the past few years, and this blog has definitely been good for that as well – there is def something so freeing about knowing in a very literal sense that there is always next week if a post seems kinda meh. This project is a particularly good practice in openness to failure, though, and think I can feel myself becoming more creatively brave and resilient! Roar! 🙂

Plus the weather was fantastic this week and my boy was unusually easy. Overall it was a good week for my creative spirit.

Still really bombing on the time front though! Oh, my. I wonder, do you keep a morning routine? How to you manage when life disrupts it, in the form of sick kids or doctors appointments, etc.? Do you push things earlier, but keep up the routine? Do you just kinda throw it for the day and hop back on when things normalize? I’ve been trying to make my routine flexible and accommodating of life… doing a drawing at the doctors office, letting it get bumped over by other responsibilities. I’m not sure it’s the best strategy though, overall. Inevitably, if my drawing happens later, something else gets bumped. It defeats the purpose, because what I love about this project (besides, you know, pretty much everything) is the sense of starting my day off right. Of having accomplished something that feels personally satisfying, and then moving on, happy, ready, and with plenty of time, to all the possibly more mundane or necessary daily tasks. When I hit it in that ballpark, it feels so good.

I think I have to be more precious and deliberate with this project, and the time I need for it. Not in a “feed yourself, kid! I’ve gotta draw!” kinda way, but maybe by trying to (gulp) plan ahead a little, and yeah… get up early early. If it’s required. I like the idea in theory. Quiet apartment, cup of coffee, paper snippets and sunrise… But there is a very contemptuous little night-owl inside of me digging in her talons in passionate dissent. Oh, dear little owl! You never know, we might like it! Who knows, who knows…

I think I’ll have to try it. And on that note – this weeks pictures! Enjoy. ♥


week-3-day-15Day 15: A sweet friend reminisces about when he met his wife, many many years ago. He's the German half of a German/Canadian couple like us, and I love how he called it "the thumb war". Isn't that a delightful fragment of young love?

week-3-day-16Day 16: Honey bees make honey, so...  J got up at 4am this morning and was fulla questions, mostly about bugs. But my answers are often unsatisfactory - "nonono Mama, ladybugs live in BUSHES", bumble bees make bumbles, etc. What a guy. I wish I could say I don't know where he gets it, but, well. We're a bit of a knowitall family! Oh, and this morning I had a Dr appt at 9, so I had a reasonably legit reason for lateness. Right? I mean, ok there are people who would have gotten up extra early, I considered this but it turns out I'm simply not those peoples. Surprise!

week-3-day-17Day 17: I know "face the music" really means to deal with the consequences of your actions, but I tend to think of it as deal with the messier parts of life more generally. I've been a little overwhelmed, and feeling the pull to just retreat to my world of daydreamy craftiness, rather than dealing with shit. But, no. That will only explode catastrophically. Instead (deep breath) I'm going to face that music. Also - I did this one in the waiting room just now, during a glucose tolerance test. So hungry. Massively looking forward to eating. Considering fries, as depending on the results of this test, they may be out for a while! 🙁

week-3-day-18Day 18: I really like this one! J saw a picture of a radish on a jar and said he wanted one, I told him they were spicy, to which he very confidently responded... Lol. We keep strong mints in the car, we call them "car drugs" because (little OT tip!) it actually totally helps with focus to put something really alerting - cold, or strong flavoured - in your mouth. They are way too strong for J, but he gets a kick out of licking one, if he can get his hands on it! Not sure radishes would be the same, but who knows? Car radishes. Why not?

week-3-day-19Day 19: Jonah tells me a bedtime story. It was a touch convoluted and involved a lot of crane trucks and trains transporting blocks every which way, but the ending was beautiful! Imagine a star quarry! How lovely is that? Also, I'm noticing Jonah's favourite word seems to be "beautiful" - and he always says it like this: "beYOOOOOOtifow". This morning he also told me that cream was beautiful, even better than yogurt (and that's saying something!!).

week-3-day-20Day 20: This morning J was feverish and we had a bit of a chaotic morning... It took me until close to lunch to finally sit down. But I did it! Perfectly imperfect, right guys? That's how were doing this! Anyway. "Buntreis" is German, and translates to "colourful rice" but a more accurate meaning in this context would probably be "rainbow rice". Jonah would never eat rice mixed with vegetables until - taDA! It was brilliantly reframed by one of the dear ladies at his Kita as BUNTREIS! Now he always calls it that and says how much he likes it. Herein lies the magical power of cognitive reframing, friends! Works for grown ups too.

week-3-day-21Day 21: I got Elle Luna's book the other day (looks great!) and although I haven't really started it I've been flipping through and found this line... Here, I mean it both completely seriously - some sweetly bizarre serendipitous occurrences, a few narrowly missed disasters have really made me feel like I'm being gently cared for - but at the same time I say this kind of tongue in cheek, because this morning getting this drawing done was ridiculous!! Jonah had a fever yesterday, conked out at 6pm and slept for 14 hours, waking up all better and ready to ROCK AND ROLL! But only with me, of course. He was literally walking on the desk where I was working, disassembling the printer, stapling my pages, turning off my computer, using me as a jungle gym, taking pictures down off the walls...! Lol. Coulda used those invisible hands right about then! Can you see that he is actually pulling my skirt in this picture? Ohh child! Gotta love him.

And that’s that. Hey, if you have a moment, I’d be really interested to hear which ones you’re likes most! Joni’s quotes? They’re my faves but the personal ones seem to get the most love on IG! Leave a comment. And remember, you can follow along daily on Instagram or Facebook. See you later this week!


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