The 100 Day Project: Week 2

100-Day-Project-For-WebWeek 2 of The 100 Day Project! Yeah! Somewhat successfully completed. Scroll on for images and captions! Plus a few thoughts, if you fancy that.

This week, well. I was mostly even more behind on my goal of finishing before 9am! I fully finished at 11:15am one day. I can see that this is going to be one of those perfectly imperfect sort of things.

Because it has still been so good for me. I had a few days this week – particularly that 11:15am day, where I just wasn’t feeling so hot. Just, you know, achy pregnancy body, messy house, blah blah. And typically, when that is the case… it can kinda throw my whole day. Honestly, that day, I really wanted to just forget it and bask in my misery. Misery loves to be miserable, you know? But I didn’t, and honouring this commitment – one I really can’t grumble about, or resent anyone for, it’s fully my choice and something I love – it gently steered me back on course, and my day wasn’t half bad. I was mildly productive and smiling by suppertime.

And alas – I did finally make it just before 9am on Sunday! Yeah!! I’m hoping to slowly converge towards my goal. One stutter step forward, stumble stumble, trip twice, but once in the right direction, kinda thing. 🙂

One thing that’s been SO lovely, is connecting with others doing the project through Instagram. So many cool ideas, supportive like-minded people. It’s cool, and possibly the best community experience I’ve had on IG thus far. You’ll see, I even took a line from new IG bud, Anna (who makes whimsical toys from kids drawings!) on day 13. And I’ve been super inspired. A couple projects I’m really enjoying: #100DaysofBeingNice by @Melktart, #100DaysofGreatWomen by @fiakilbourn, #100DaysofAbstracts by @hollandloop, #100DaysofNewfoundland by @tarajane and so, so many others. Check them out, so good.

The whole things is just plain nice. Remember you can always join in! Now, without further ado, this week’s pages.

Week 2

Day-8Day 8: Latest one yet, way to start a week! Lol. J was walking along the top of the couch and emphatically told Achim that he wanted him to be, ahem, "a PAH-TICK-U-LAHH door". One finger raised in the air. What? He repeated it three times. It was both the first time we'd heard him spout the word "particular" and a delightfully ambiguous phrase. Further clarification found that he meant he wanted him to use his arm as a gate, but I still think I may throw the phrase at Achim in the future when I need something from him.

Day-9Day 9: Oh, Joni! So logical. During supper. And he clarified, too - "like, for to feed babies." Well, of course! What a kid.

Day-10Day 10: On day 10, it was just a matter of showing up. I wasn't feeling so well and kinda wanted to just forget about it for a day, even though I'm loving doing these. Sometimes when your miserable there is this compulsion to make yourself more miserable, know what I mean? But I listened to a few Smart Creative Women podcasts, snipped away, finished - way late, and still in my pyjamas - but I felt a lot better. I actually heard the Mary Oliver quote in a recording of the keynote talk by the awesome Lisa Congdon at Alt Summit.

Day-11Day 11: Through the eyes of a child. 🙂

Day-12Day 12: Spring afros are out! From my sweet boy again.

Daqy-13Day 13: Affirming little note from new IG creative buddy Anna @tekenjeknuffel that warmed my heart amidst my chaos! 

Day-14Day 14: Achim said this to me last night - he said it in English but it's actually a German expression, means he noticed I've been doing lots of things that are hard for me. Just little things, making administrative phone calls in German, bargaining unreasonable prices at the flea market, sticking to my guns, dealing with car crap on my own. Just tiny stuff, really but the thing about acknowledging tiny brave acts is that it makes you feel braver, and then like that, you are braver. Oh!! And I made it just before 9!!! First time! Yeah!

And that’s it! See you later this week! Remember you can follow along daily on Instagram or Facebook.


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