The 100 Day Project: Week 1

100-Day-Project-Week-1_edited-1I’ve just finished the first week of my 100 day project! Scroll down to see my first seven pages.

If you are doing a project too, how’s it going? It’s been really good for me! I look forward to it in the morning (which is saying something, because that is my post-hibernation bear time of the day) and I have been dressed and at least partly fed by 8:30am for the past 8 days. Yeah!

And I think the process is indeed going to help me to be present. A few days, I almost didn’t have a line. It really takes undivided attention to not just hear, but hear and process the poignancy of something, and then commit it to memory. It means I have to slow down, and not tinker/scroll through Instagram/plan my next move while talking with someone. It’s hard! But in a good way.

Plus, the collection I end up with is going to be a treasure. So far, it’s mostly funny stuff from big J. I always want to remember and write that stuff down, and never do. Seems extra precious in these last, somewhat less distracted months before babeloo comes along, you know?

But about that “before nine” bit. Yeah… I definitely haven’t managed it even once yet. The closest was 9:06am – not bad, but today I wrapped up at 9:55am! I think I’m slippery-sloping it. Which is of course symptomatic of my stellar discipline style: Warm permissive. There are areas where I am hard on myself, but being on time is simply not one of them. And I know, it’s awful! The last thing I want is for people to think I am disrespectful, or don’t care about them. It’s tricky, though, because I… actually kind of like it when people are late. In fact, I remember reading once that in France it is considered rude to arrive right on time (or heaven forbid, early!), and I was like yes! That’s what I’m talking about. But I’m afraid I’m not living in France. Quite the contrary – I am in Germany, where promptness is seriously a key virtue. They literally say, “Fünf Minuten vor der Zeit / Ist die wahre Pünktlichkeit” (Five minutes ahead of time is true punctuality)!

So yeah, it’s kind of important. And equally, I fully see how much more productive and clear-headed I am when my days start earlier and a littler more coherently. So! Onward we march. At least it is a fun, creative march, maybe even more like a dance?

Take a look! Let me know what you think!


Day1webDay 1: A line from my boy. Actually about the graffiti on the bridge on the way home from Easter celebrations, not Easter eggs.
Day2webDay 2: Pillow talk with Achim. Love this guy. I am seeing that it's going to be interesting to share every one of these! I don't love everything I make obviously - I probably would have redone this one! But again, process right?
Day3webDay 3: Guess I haven't been wearing my hair down much! Took it down yesterday, and J looked at me curiously and spouted this little gem (about my middle part, in case that's not clear)!
Day4webDay 4: I woke up in the WORST MOOD. Nothing was helping. Then I changed into this pair of massive thrift shop overalls that I got while in Toronto. Rolled those suckers up, put on my polkadot high top imitation chucks, and started to feel so much better. I just kept thinking "I feel like myself. I feel like myself" and that felt so good! Thing is, I know they don't really LOOK that typically good, you know? I mean they're not exactly flattering. They make my hips look insanely massive. But I just felt so great. All day. I think with pregnancy there's all this pressure to look like, you know, that girl who is all belly- in the flattering skinny jeans and the trim little top that accents just the right places, or to try and still look conventionally attractive, stretching out those legs in heels, etc., but you know what? Fact is, well, I'm not all belly, and trying to look like celebrity bump is not comfortable! It felt like such an aha moment to recognize that I felt so good in a massive pair of overalls - which personally I do think are cute - because I just simply felt like myself. Ahh.
Day5webDay 5: You can have all the sweetness, baby boy!! Lol. Joni seems to have just put together what it means for something to taste sweet. This morning he dragged a stool (actually a small upright log!!) into the pantry and said this! "Sweetness" means dessert (for breakfast! Right, kid!).
Day6webDay 6: Yep, this is from The Fault In Our Stars. Which I finally watched and frankly thought was really well done. I even dreamed about it. Whew, did I cry. I'm sure the book is good but I don't think I could put myself through more than two hours of that kind of emotion! Beautiful, though.
Day7webDay 7: Stumbled on a great talk by Dallas Clayton for Creative Mornings about lessons learned from kids. I loved this bit about regaining a child-like sense of wonder. The idea is that every day, every hour a small child is experiencing something new - and they just explore. They just touch things to see how they feel, just do things to see what happens. But later, we start to make decisions about who we are or what we should do- kind of prejudgements without even trying. We think "yeah, I don't think I'm going to like that." And so we don't explore so much, and we lose that wonder a little bit, where everything around is a question to be answered. So simple, to just keep that question actively open - what's going to happen I do?

So! That’s week one. Remember if you like it you can follow daily on Instagram OR – and this is new – Facebook. A bunch of people have asked why I haven’t been posting the project there, and I am finding that’s where I want to share it! I feel a cozy sense of community there. So! Here on in, you can see the posts daily on my Elena’s Treehouse Facebook page as well.

And for real, if you’ve got a project going, let me know. I’d love to follow along! 🙂


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    1. Elena

      Thanks so much, Kelly! that is so nice to hear! I am so enormously enjoying doing them – the blog generally, but these little daily lines are such a massive pleasure! so grounding in the most delightful way.


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