My Sister’s Baby

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Oh, man. After 45 (!!!) hours of labour, my sister Johanna and her fella Tye welcomed the sweetest little fuzzy headed baby bear into the world! He is amazing. He was a week old yesterday and I’ve been here in Toronto soaking up new baby smell, visiting and helping out as best I can since Friday.

It’s interesting to be here in these early days given that I’ve got a little bunny of my own coming in a mere four (FOUR!! omg…) months! There are few things I may have strategically faded from my memory… The sweaty, confusing, toe-curling shit-show that learning to breastfeed can be, not being able to walk further then 200m without feeling like my insides might fall out, and the generally overwhelming torrent of unknown that comes along with this new little being! LUCKILY, it is balanced out by the unbelievable sweetness of that downy little head, that intoxicating new baby smell, the unending pleasure of watching the delicately perfect curves of his tiny face with all his delightful, miniature expressions… There is just nothing like a new baby. ♥

Jonah is staying with my parents while I’m here. I’ve never left him before so I’m a little emotional about it. I really miss that monkey! That said, I’ve also had these bouts of shocking, laughing-by-myself-in-the-street freedom euphoria! Every single time I sit down to eat, I relish the fact that I don’t have to cajole anyone else to eat! When I go for a walk or run an errand, I can dip into any number of the beautiful, very non-toddler friendly shops in the area without a thought. Amazing. And it helps to know he is having pretty much The Best Time Ever. We’ve been video chatting a couple times a day and my parents appear to be orchestrating a week-long party in my absence. Yesterday I asked if he missed me, or was he having too much fun? And he said “I’m having too much fun, Mama.” Oh, my heart. 🙂

It’s been so nice here, quiet and peaceful. Baby Orson is sleeping, eating and hence gaining well. Thank goodness! I’m currently enjoying sitting in the sun in my sister’s newly renovated home (her husband is a seriously amazing contractor), tinkering with my new watercolours, hopping up every so often to grab the new mama a glass of water or make a bowl of quinoa for someone who will actually readily eat it!

I’ll have a new post for you tomorrow.

See you then!


P.S. It’s the great Rick Skoreyko’s birthday today! Happy Birthday, Dad!

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  1. Marta

    Congrats Elena!!!! I’m sure you are an amazing aunt. Hugs from Barcelona and give a big hug to your sister.

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