We’re coming home!

theres a placeOn Monday I’ll be squeezing into some super hot compression stockings and J and I will hop on a plane bound for Canada! I can’t wait. It’s been 16 months – the longest I’ve ever been away from my home of homes. Sadly, we have to leave my dear fella behind, although I know he’s quietly breathing a sigh of relief that the apartment will stay non-destroyed for almost a month! First we’ll be visiting my parents and younger sibs in beautiful blue Nova Scotia, and then we’ll head to Toronto to meet my sister Johanna’s brand new baby. He was due yesterday but is so far still keeping cozy in the tum!

The little guy might be the sensible one here, considering the weather. A friend in Nova Scotia messaged me when she heard we were coming, “Are you aware that the Maritimes are currently ‘entombed in ice’?” Lol. Yeahhh… I’m afraid it’s going to be a bit of a shock – I’ve gotten soft! I find +3 celsius freezing over here.

But can I tell you the truth? Last year, when Canada was bombarded with never-ending, record breaking snowfalls and I was an ocean away, where it was 20 degrees celsius in March (poor me, I know), I felt a little wistful. As if I played on some team, and they had this crazy tough epic game, and I sat it out. A part of me wanted to be out there in the trenches too! I felt like I was shirking on my Canadian duties, abandoning my dear ship. Pardon the multiple sports/war analogies, but you know what I mean?

After a wet, grey winter here, I’m so looking forward to taking J sledding and skating and building snowmen! It’s possible that a month “entombed in ice” will change my mind, though. We shall see.

You can follow along! I’ll be blogging away while over there. 🙂


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