A Few Links On Love

heart rocks smallerFell asleep with my boy again, which makes my sleep all crazy – ah, in the name of love, I tell you! So here I am up (it’s 3am here!), floating around the internets, and I’ve stumbled on a few good love-related posts. Some Valentinesy, some not so much. I thought you might enjoy them!

– Author/Illustrator Dallas Clayton‘s delightful take on love – here, here and here

– A wonderful family tradition – We’ve got a serene little rock beach around the corner – I’d love to work this in!

– An artist dreamily captures forgotten tree carvings in New York City

– Sweet kid’s books on love – I want them all

– “I get all excited like a child when I think about being with you again” – Mozart’s love letter to his wife

Hope you have a sweet, refreshing weekend. Happy Valentine’s Day! And Happy Karneval to those in these parts!  See you next week, can’t wait. ♥


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